Space security refers to the protection and safeguarding of assets, activities, and interests in outer space from threats and risks. As human activities in space have expanded, so too have the concerns related to space security.


Space systems are reliant on ground-based infrastructure for control and data communication. Ensuring the cybersecurity of these systems is vital to prevent unauthorized access, interference, or disruption by malicious actors.

International Cooperations

Space security often requires international cooperation and agreements. The Outer Space Treaty, established in 1967, is a foundational document that outlines principles for the peaceful use of outer space, prohibiting the placement of nuclear weapons in space and the militarization of celestial bodies.

Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Weapons

The development and testing of anti-satellite weapons (ASATs) by some countries have raised concerns about the potential weaponization of space. ASATs are designed to destroy or disable satellites, which can have significant consequences for global security.

Space security is a complex and evolving field, as technology advances and the number of actors in space increases. International cooperation and responsible behavior are crucial to maintaining the peaceful use of outer space and addressing the various challenges and threats that may arise. Many spacefaring nations are working together to establish norms of behavior and promote transparency in space activities to enhance space security.

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